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Cobprem – Condition-Based Predictive Maintenance

The Britpip Cobprem System is a unique, scalable, headless, condition-based, predictive maintenance system. It takes the readings of speed and vibration from a machine, all at once, in real-time, thousands of times per second. It automatically analyses the readings and uploads the results to the Britpip Cloud. This is where decisions are automatically made based on those results. The information from those decisions is viewable in an easily digestible format via the Britpip mobile device app. The Britpip app displays information relating to the Heath of the machine and gives Recommendations on how to improve that Health and prevent catastrophic failure.

More Than Monitoring

Failure happens but can be avoided by understanding condition.
The Britpip Cobprem System is more than just monitoring the condition of a machine. It helps you see inside the machine, increase the understanding of the machine, improve the machine. It’s more than monitoring, it’s helping you take care of the causes of failure.


Good Vibrations, Good Health

Over time, as components wear, the vibration will gradually increase. This will usually start off unnoticed but will gradually increase, sometimes to the point of catastrophic failure.

The Britpip Cobprem System collects vibration readings from components at a high frequency, continuously, in real-time. It automatically analyses those readings to determine the Health of each component. Using that Health data, failure of each component can be predicted and Recommendations given as to what can be done to improve the Health of the component and help to avoid catastrophic failure.

Bad Vibrations

Sometimes vibrations can be caused by something external to the component. Be it something like a lorry driving past, another machine operating in close proximity, or a hammer being accidently dropped. These vibrations are not a problem for the Britpip Cobprem System, they are naturally filtered out, allowing for accurate information at all times.

Why Vibration

Looking at vibration is a tried and tested method of determining the level of wear of a component. Placing vibration sensors directly on the component you wish to monitor enables a view of what is going on inside the component. The vibration of a component increases and becomes more random as it wears. The Britpip Cobprem System can pick up these subtle changes in the vibration over time, often before what would normally be noticeable, display this to you and prompt decisions of what to do next.

Even For Slow Rotating Machines

Due to the way the data analysis algorithms have been implemented, and the overall power of the system, you can even successfully use the Britpip Cobprem System on slow rotation machines!

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Unlimited And Infinitely Scalable

The Britpip Cobprem System has been designed to be highly scalable as a whole. It can grow with your needs. More machines, more sensors, more processing power, more users.

Multiple sensors attached to the components of one machine feed into one data acquisition box. That data acquisition box feeds into one Britpip Computer. Multiple Britpip Computers can feed into the Britpip Cloud. The Britpip Cloud can supply data to multiple Britpip mobile device apps.

Cloud Power

The Britpip Cobprem System utilises the power and scalability of the Britpip Cloud to store and process the data acquired from the onsite Britpip Computers.

The Britpip Cloud is built on a global, scalable cloud platform with near 100% up time.

The Britpip Cloud is maintained and taken care of by Britpip. This means you do not need to run any additional, expensive, data processing servers and networks, along with the specialist knowledge, training, and personnel that would be required to support this.

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Concentrate On The Job In Hand

No raw data to analyse. No tables of numbers to wade through. No graphs to decipher. All the data collecting and processing is automatically done for you and is accessible and easily interpreted in the Britpip Cobprem System’s mobile device app.

A Virtual Engineer

The Britpip Cobprem System will aid you in your work. Enabling you to plan for the future and make more efficient decisions. Providing the current information, ready for you, right at your fingertips, whenever you need it. It’s like having an expert work alongside you.

Add More Skills To Your Arsenal

Implementing the Britpip Cobprem System will enable you to add more skills to your arsenal. It will not only allow you to keep more machines functional, as they’re easier to maintain and less likely to breakdown, but also enable you to think of ways to improve the machines and increase efficiency in production processes.

Proactive Maintenance

Without understanding the condition of the machine, the machine will run for a time then fail. This unplanned downtime is an inconvenience, even at the best of times.

The Britpip Cobprem System can help you find problems before they become a problem.

The Britpip Cobprem System enables machine maintenance downtime to be foreseen and therefore be scheduled at a time convenient to you. Avoiding critical failure and a longer downtime.

The Britpip Cobprem System can be used to track the degradation of components and get more life out of the components.

The Britpip Cobprem System can enable you to proactively order parts, especially parts with long lead-times, allowing the parts to be on hand exactly when needed.

Improving Reliability

Going beyond condition monitoring and regular maintenance can improve the reliability of a machine. This is where the Britpip Cobprem System comes in. The Britpip Cobprem System goes hand in hand with the engineers. It can help engineers proactively find the root cause of the problems. This is what increases reliability.

The Britpip Cobprem System can also be used to highlight poor operating practices, damaged parts, low quality spares/components, poor installation practices, contaminated lubricant, poor designs, and transportation damage. Things that could possibly be missed with condition monitoring and regular maintenance alone.

Increase Efficiency

Poor operating practices, poor maintenance, damaged parts, low quality parts, poor installation practices, contaminated lubricant, poor designs, damage from transportation or other external forces, can all reduce the efficiency of a machine. The Britpip Cobprem System can help to highlight these and help to increase the efficiency, availability, and the capacity of the machine.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

The Britpip Cobprem System can help you reduce unplanned down-time and therefore reduce the high costs involved that come with that. The costs for things like the disposal of waste produce and fines for missed production targets or late delivery.

Reduce Waste

When machines are in optimum condition, they use less power, breakdown less frequently, increase productivity, reduce unnecessary maintenance, reduce the risk of fines due to missed production targets, reduce the waste that is produced due to unexpected failure, reduce the subsequent waste disposal fees, reduce the risk of environmental incidents. The Britpip Cobprem System can help you keep your machines running in optimum condition and help schedule required downtime for when it is more convenient.

Increase Wellbeing

The Britpip Cobprem System can help you increase employee wellbeing. The controlled nature it can bring to your work can, amongst other things, reduce the stress of unexpected failure, help bypass unreliable suppliers, avoid low quality spares and components, book in preferred contractors, remove the need for unnecessary preventive maintenance, reduce intrusive inspections, and reduce safety incidents.