The Parts

Some might say the Britpip Cobprem System is greater than the sum of its parts. But it is still parts. So, let’s have a closer look at what parts the Britpip Cobprem System consists of.

The Britpip Cobprem System is comprised of industrial vibration sensors, a data collection box, a Britpip Computer, the Britpip Cloud, and the Britpip mobile device app.

Multiple Britpip Computers can feed into the Britpip Cloud. Multiple Britpip mobile device apps can read from the Britpip Cloud.

Britpip Cobprem System Overview v0.2


Component vibrations

sensor1_crop1Sensors – industrial accelerometers – are placed on key components across the machine. These sensors produce readings relating to the vibration of the component at a fast data-rate.

A speed reference is also required. This can be obtained from an existing variable-frequency drive.

Data Collection Box

Continuous data collection

daq1_sA data collector collects the speed and vibration data from all of the sensors on a machine at once, continuously, thousands of times per second, and delivers that data to the on-site Britpip Computer.

Britpip Computer

Powerful, autonomous processing

britpipcomputer1_sThe Britpip Computer is situated on-site, close to each machine. The onboard Britpip software processes the data with rigorously tried and tested vibration analysis algorithms. The results are uploaded to the Britpip Cloud.

Data Communication And Transportation

Data security is paramount

secure1_sAll data travelling to and from, or accessed via, the Britpip Cloud is protected using Britpip’s proprietary authentication and encryption methods.

Britpip Cloud

Cloud Power

binary cloud_sThe Britpip Cloud stores the results data uploaded from the on-site Britpip Computers. The Britpip Cloud then automatically calculates the Health of the machines, plus any subsequent Recommendations, and provides this information to the Britpip mobile device app.

Britpip App

Portable peace of mind

on grassThe Britpip mobile device app connects to the Britpip Cloud and displays the Health and Recommendations for your machines, all readily to hand and instantly easy to read.