The History

The first version of the Britpip Cobprem System was built over the course of a collaborative project, bringing together specialities from five companies and two universities. The aim of the project was to automate an already successful, but time and labour intensive, machine condition analysis process, using data from sensors installed on machines. Britpip’s task on the project was one of designing and building the bespoke software, to automate the collection and analysis of the data, make decisions based on the outcome of that analysis, and display the resulting information in an easily digestible format.

During the course of the project, sensors and data collectors were placed on several massive industrial machines, in a time-sensitive production environment. The subsequent data analysis work conducted on the project predicted many failures, saving up to hundreds of thousands of pounds per breakdown by avoiding unscheduled downtime and the associated costs and wastage that causes.

Since the successful completion of the project, and as Britpip is the sole owner of the software, Britpip has continued to evolve and improve its software. The combination of this software with readily available, off-the-self hardware has created the unique, real-time, autonomous, condition-based, predictive maintenance system as it is today.