Britpip Limited is a British software company based in Portsmouth. The company was originally started due to a great idea for an app. This app was going to be amazing! However, as with most apps, you need money. Money to spend on production and marketing and the like. So, what to do? Where to get this money to create the dream app? All these years of experience in full-lifecycle software production and management must be useful to someone… and it was.

Along came a project to automate the labour-intensive analysis of vibration data from a machine, make decisions based on the outcome of that analysis, and display the resulting information in an easily digestible format. Designing and building the software to do this was right up Britpip’s street!

So, to work! A few years, a successful project, and lots of improvements later, the Britpip Cobprem System was born!

Maybe one day we’ll get back to that amazing app idea… however, the main focus is now Britpip’s own product, the Britpip Cobprem System (which, ok, is pretty amazing too!), along with any other cool apps that might pop up along the way!